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Remote Pilot Association


Make money with your drone by earning Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Drone Pilot Certification. Start your own aerial photography business, use in Search and Rescue (SAR) or in the classroom as an engaging STEM activity.

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Aviation Safety Web


We have broadened our horizons by offering our same fun, positive, upbeat aviation message to include travel destinations, industry topics, safety messages and accident profiles in the name of safety education.

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Coming Soon! ~ Aviation Weather.us


If you were to ask career and recreational pilots alike their highest concern while flying the answer would have to be weather. A person can go to a university studying meteorology for years and still have a lot to learn. Pilots typically have a cursory knowledge at best, the good news is the majority want to know more, enter AviationWeather.us, where we direct you to quality weather courses.

Coming Soon! ~ Flying Jump Start


Looking to get off the ground but don't have the funds to get started? The good news is that there is a lot of learning that can be done without stepping into the cockpit until you have a solid core of knowledge. Our system consist of flight simulator resources and knowledge from experienced FAA certified instructors. Get started by buying our book, "How to Save Money On Flight Training."

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Indie Music Station.net


We are more than a "one hit wonder," IndieMusicStation.net solves the problem of getting to know independent musicians/bands with original songs. There are many indie music sites but few do a good job connecting fans with the band. Enjoy interviews, photos and song intros that mentions the bands name and song. You might say we are going "old school - new school" on this station. We are looking for a few more bands to kick off the station.

*In partnership with Webster Falls Media.

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Coming soon to a website near you!


*SmallTownPodcast.net ~ Do you want to start your own small business that focuses on the great people and businesses in your small town? We give you the skills and territory that allow you to start on a small budget, schedule and technical knowledge.

*UkeExperience.com ~ Learning to play a musical instrument is a lifelong dream for many people and ukuleles are all the rage. We have arranged the best material to teach you how to play including live events for small groups or companies.

*CelebratedLife.us ~  After the passing of our company presidents grandfather, he asked the question, "Why don't we celebrate a loved ones life at funerals and why do they cost so much? Enter CelebratedLife.us. 

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About The Calloway Peak CompanY

TC Freeman, President


"We believe in following a passion, need, or desire to fix a problem is the seed of success."



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